Choose the Right Gravestone Inscription

6 Ways to Choose the Right Gravestone Inscription
Gravestones(gravsteiner, gravstøtter) nearly always bear an inscription. It’s simply a sentence or two designed to sum up a person, their personality and their life. It’s intimidating to try to do this because time is against you and there’s a lot of expectation weighing down on you. However, here are some ideas:

1. Take Your Time
Mistakes are made on gravestones(gravstein oslo) when a family member is forced to rush the process of its creation. Don’t leave this task until the last minute. You can’t change it without incurring considerable cost, so get it right the first time.

2. Give Someone the Responsibility
Chaos reigns when you have lots of different people all throwing their ideas at someone. Designate someone with the
responsibility of deciding on an inscription. By all means, welcome new ideas, but make sure a close family member has the final say.

3. Avoid ‘In Loving Memory’
We would caution against this and variations of it on gravestones simply because it’s so common that it’s lost its impact. If you want to say something special, then do all you can to avoid common phrases and clichés.

4. Standing the Test of Time
Gravestones will last for a hundred years or more. Think of something profound, such as a line from a poem which will never lose its impact. References to daughters and grandparents will lose relevance in twenty years.
Opt for something as general as possible because specifics will only apply to people who may well move away or stop visiting the gravestone in a few years from now. An inscription is for everyone, including those family members who are yet to be born.

5. Stay Away from Wit
Wit and humour often come up in debates over inscriptions on gravestones. The problem is that wit and humour tend only to work in verbal conversation. They don’t have the same effect on a headstone or a grave. Generally, it’s best to avoid them altogether.

6. Timeless Designs
The design, including the letterform, is incredibly important when it comes to the effect an inscription will have on someone. Trendy letterforms that go out of fashion in a few years will diminish what the inscription is trying to say. We believe in opting for something traditional and timeless. Trendy gravestones tend to look silly and out of touch in the longterm.

These tips should help you decide on the inscription that’s best for you. Finally, we would recommend choosing only an experienced letter cutter. Get the best results to ensure your loved one receives the memorial they deserve.

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